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People With Patterned Skin

The yin/yang of website development

Ok, so every time I have lunch with my highly talented friends Doug and Simon of REMIXED, I learn something. Yesterday it was that you can’t use a tiff in a website or the photo will “break apart.” Or “split.” Or something equally “serious.” Who knew? Obviously not me. But everyone in the web world knows. That’s why copywriters need… Read more →


A freelancer’s free time.

The most the valuable time in a freelancer’s life is really the time between projects. All that free time that makes you want to be a freelancer in the first place.   So what do you do with all that free time? Here’s my list. And I’m sure others have a list of their own.   Make your own latte,… Read more →


An Apple a Day

Like everyone today, I’m mourning the passing of Steve Jobs, a man who possessed extraordinary passion and unlimited vision. A man who has been in my life as long as I can remember. He touched my life. He changed my life. He made my life beautiful. Growing up professionally in San Francisco, I had the pleasure of living in an… Read more →


Weathering Hurricane Irene

Whew! How exciting to watch the waves get bigger and bigger as I sat in the satellite office of True Stories, appropriately located in Cape Canaveral, anticipating the arrival of Hurricane Irene. Although the only extra work I had to do was load all the outdoor furniture into the shed (looked like Fibber McGee’s closet…old movie reference), I was able… Read more →


Too busy to blog. Too bored to blog.

Ah, the life of a freelancer. My day-to-day existence has been as volatile as the stock market after an S & P downgrade. One day I’m riding high with a project list that even a staff of six couldn’t finish. Then the momentum dips as I wait for the precarious client commitment, or even more exciting, the client comments followed… Read more →


Use it or lose it

It’s a fact. If you don’t use the stuff you learn, it quickly goes away. Take Word Press and my blog. It’s been so long since I blogged, I’m winging it here. What was second nature only a couple of weeks ago now seems a tiny bit tenuous. Oh, well, just gotta dive back in.   It’s been so busy… Read more →

True Stories Desk

Just another day at the office….

It’s everything I had hoped for, working in my aluminum womb. It really feels like I’m in my own world. Right now this amazing flute player (flutist?) is playing on my iPod and my speakers are belting out her amazing sound. Her name is Holly Hofmann and  I saw her perform at Rollins College a few months ago. The perfect… Read more →


Saying good-bye to Amelia….for 10 days

Today I’m off to San Francisco for a little business and a whole lot of fun. My friend Joan is getting married and the girls are getting together for one last girlfriend weekend at Stinson Beach.   Funny, I can really say I was finding it hard to say good-bye to Amelia. But I battened down the hatches in case… Read more →


Hot dogs and happiness

Talk about happy campers. On a balmy (yes, it can be balmy in Florida) late afternoon, as the sun filtered through the trees, Divas, Divos and darlings gathered to welcome Amelia into the family.   Angelo was the first to arrive, which earned him a private tour.  As he entertained me with his own boyhood stories of “life on the… Read more →


Mildew and lavender

I have to laugh, thinking back on my early years in advertising. All those Pine Sol commercials I wrote touting the strength of this miracle product, always closing with the thought that if it smells like Pine Sol, it must be clean.   Well, I’ve got to admit that it does what I said it would do. Mildew be gone.… Read more →


On the road again

  The epic day has arrived. Amelia is saying good-bye to Hidden River Park and setting out on the open road. And what better guys to take on this historic venture than Clive Dunne and John Hendry. Best friends since grade school and partners in crime, they know the ropes when it comes to towing trailers. I, on the other… Read more →


Another sleepless night

I know everything is going to work out, but tomorrow we are moving Amelia to an undisclosed location to continue her makeover and the thing is that she hasn’t moved from her spot in over three years. And before that she moved a few spaces closer to the office of Hidden River RV and Canoe Park.   So….in my brain… Read more →


Clive to the rescue

Clive to the rescue. Again. I can’t say enough good things about my friend, Clive Dunne.  Not only do I know I can call him and ask him any DIY question, I can even call him to help me get all of my stuff from FX Studios to….who knows where. When we got to FX, I wasn’t prepared for what… Read more →

Airstream: The Ultimate Recyclable April 13, 2011

The ultimate recyclable

    One of my favorite clients, Oakland Park, the first certified green community in Central Florida, has fueled my passion for environmental consciousness. For the record, I’ve been recycling Diet Coke cans for as long as I can remember, but I’ve just ramped it up to a whole new level.   What could be more perfect? A bigger-than-life aluminum… Read more →


Amelia’s Home Town

As True Stories go, this one is destined to be one of my favorites,  complete with an Old Florida setting and cast of characters as colorful as the landscape. This story begins on February 17th, 2011 at Hidden River RV and Canoe Park, the hidden river being the Econlockhatchee River off State Road 50 in central Florida.   On a… Read more →

Let the adventure begin

Let the adventure begin

So much has happened. So much is yet to happen. True Stories is embarking on an adventure that is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.   Introducing Amelia Airstream. The future corporate office of True Stories. Fitting, don’t you think since True Stories is all about real life. Simple truth. And what better story than restoring Amelia to her original… Read more →

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