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On the road again


IMG_3009The epic day has arrived. Amelia is saying good-bye to Hidden River Park and setting out on the open road. And what better guys to take on this historic venture than Clive Dunne and John Hendry. Best friends since grade school and partners in crime, they know the ropes when it comes to towing trailers. I, on the other hand, have been hyperventilating all day long.





We arrived at Hidden River Park around 5:30 p.m., and before I could say, “Hello, Amelia” they had her hitched up and ready to go.




Almost. Seems there are no chain and no brake lights. We attached a chain (compliments of handyman Larry) but couldn’t get the brake lights to work, so the guys had a better idea. I’d be the brake lights by following closely. Very closely.



Don, the previous owner and manager of Hidden River Park, was conveniently out of town, so we say our good-byes to brother Al and handyman Larry.











And we were on our way.


My heart was beating a mile a minute as we set out. But, lo and behold, Amelia took to the open road like the star that she is. Staying as close as I could, we were on the 408 in no time. Cruising along at 60 mph, I looked straight ahead, occasionally looking to my left and right to see if any other brake lights would be signaling a quick stop, but it was smooth sailing.


I wasn’t too nice to merging traffic because the last thing we could have was a car between me and Amelia. They wouldn’t know about the no-brake light situation. Only one call from the lead car telling me to stay closer. Hello….how close can I be?


I was never so relieved to exit the 408 and travel the local roads. When I’m the designated brake light, I prefer to take it slow, easing on the brake at the 4-way stop.




By the way, doesn’t Amelia have a cute butt!






As we brought Amelia to her tropical setting, Mom was waiting and, as you can see, she was happy to see that we made it!







Here’s where John, the trailer man, shows off his skills. With Clive’s expert guidance, he tucks Amelia into her designated spot among the tropical foliage.



And, now, they say “Where’s that beer!” Here’s to you guys, you earned it!


Thanks, John!

Thanks, Clive!






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