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Serendipity Unleashed: Thank you Alvin and Craig’s List


Thank you, Alvin and Craig's List

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’ve always believed that if you live a good life, good things will come your way. And this Airstream experience has confirmed that belief.



What are the chances of buying a “more-than-gently-used” vintage 1972 Airstream Safari, and then finding a posting on Craig’s List in the same week that offers the interior of a 1974 Safari in PRISTINE condition?


Yes, I was intrigued.


Alvin Deleon, are you ready for your close up?


It turns out that Alvin works for a company that is providing a prop for an Orlando stage play entitled, “Suddenly Seniors” and the set calls for an Airstream trailer…..on stage! So Alvin is actually hitting all the same potential “Airstream hangouts” in central Florida that I am, looking for his prop. Luckily, he didn’t find it @ the Hidden River Park, but in Deland, a charming historic town, a few miles north.


Sadly, (but not for me), he and his amazing team at FX Group in Ocoee, Florida, ended up stripping this treasure and cutting it in half to allow only the front door side of the shell to appear on stage. The rest ended up on Craig’s List and, as of this VERY day, in my possession, to be used in my renovation.


I have to mention that I snuck (sneeked?) into the theatre the day before opening night to check out the Airstream in all its’ glory and she was beautiful. So shiny and adorned with festive Christmas lights. FX, good work!


I picked up my loot at FX today. And, trust me, that is a whole ‘nother True Story. Clive, are you ready for your close up?


Tonight I will sleep through the night.

Alvin, you’re the man!



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