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Use it or lose it

6810204169_1d12fc5f7f_bIt’s a fact. If you don’t use the stuff you learn, it quickly goes away. Take Word Press and my blog. It’s been so long since I blogged, I’m winging it here. What was second nature only a couple of weeks ago now seems a tiny bit tenuous. Oh, well, just gotta dive back in.


It’s been so busy in Amelia Land. The Airstream has been a buzz with activity. Today my friend, and business colleague, Angela, stopped by for some Acai Green Tea and a tour of the office. We’re getting ready to attend the Southeast Building Conference in Orlando next week and had to get our calendar synced. Can’t miss the opening night reception! Also discussed an upcoming project with my favorite client, Bob. He and his group will be relocating their Keene’s Pointe Realty office to downtown Windermere and need some new materials. What a gorgeous part of Orlando that is. Over by the Butler chain of lakes. ( I remember waterskiing those waters way back when I was too young to care that I was probably sharing the waters with an alligator or three.)


Amelia also hosted another guest on Tuesday, Kathy from Art Angels, the coolest antique mall in Orlando. Did I mention we both have booths here? Kathy and her friend Sue are selling adorable Chic and Shabby must-haves and I’m selling vintage linens. I’m having a Summer Floral Sale in my booth, so come on down! We’re on South Orange Avenue in Pine Castle.


I’m totally into the Orlando food truck scene right now. Mom and I got rained out on our trip over to Lake Lily Tuesday night to catch the Food Truck Cafe, but I’m learning that the line up is happening in other parts of Orlando, too. ¬†Like Downtown last night and Fairbanks Avenue near Spatz Billiards tonight. But I’m waiting for the Big Kahuna….the Food Truck Bazaar on Sunday night at Fashion Square Mall.


I’m ready for the Pork Belly Sandwich at Big Wheels Provisions. Yum! And speaking of Yum…..I will be having a Yum Yum Cupcake, too.


All that talk of food means its time for the gym! I’m outta here. Power yoga, anyone?

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