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The yin/yang of website development

People With Patterned Skin

Ok, so every time I have lunch with my highly talented friends Doug and Simon of REMIXED, I learn something. Yesterday it was that you can’t use a tiff in a website or the photo will “break apart.” Or “split.” Or something equally “serious.” Who knew? Obviously not me. But everyone in the web world knows.

That’s why copywriters need help creating websites (as I have been trying to do for about a year now.) And, until talking to Doug and Simon, I was quite proud of myself. Sure, there are a few glitches here and there, like you can’t always see the amazing work in my portfolio, or if you can see it, it’s of varying sizes.

I’ve been working on that. In fact, I can spend a whole day trying to do things they can do in a whole minute. So back to my original point. Just because you can write, you can’t create your own website. And, as I love telling Doug and Simon, even though you can do great websites, you just might need help writing them.

But the beauty of our creative relationship is that we understand this. And we appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses. But the sad part for me is that I always considered myself a bit of a tech nerd. Wasn’t I the one friend out of three who took the manual for my new telephone answering machine to the movies because I hadn’t quite figured out how to access my messages from a remote location? (I did figure it out before the credits.)

Now the proud owner of an iPod, iPhone, iPad and MacPro, I have evolved.

Except when it comes to websites. I still can’t standardize the sizes of my portfolio pieces. And forget adding copy that actually tells you how d*#! successful the campaigns were. Isn’t there an app for that?

And don’t get me started on why my Twitter feed next to the cute blue bird says “Oops, our twitter feed is unavailable right now. Follow us on Twitter.” Huh?

Maybe I should be leaving it to the professionals. Doug? Simon? What are you doing next week?


PS: I did change all my TIFFS to JPEGS….but it took all day!

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