Hot dogs and happiness

IMG_3164Talk about happy campers. On a balmy (yes, it can be balmy in Florida) late afternoon, as the sun filtered through the trees, Divas, Divos and darlings gathered to welcome Amelia into the family.


Angelo was the first to arrive, which earned him a private tour.  As he entertained me with his own boyhood stories of “life on the road in a station wagon,” the rest of the revelers arrived.


Within minutes, a parade of colorfully dressed well-wishers came aboard, drinks in hand. At last count, over a dozen friends were inside. And as soon as I figure out how to add video to my blog, I will show you the results. When everyone was ready to head to the BBQ, it was a lot like a keystone cops movie as one, two….ten, twelve danced out. I will get that video, I promise.


But I do have some fun photos and here they are:



But I was the happiest camper of them all!




….and out!